Alpha Version 1.0 now playable for a limited number of streamers!

A Mini Playable Universe for Twitch Chat Engagement

Players will keep your chat hyperactive as they command their ships and perform missions. Star Bitizen is a space game overlay for your stream that communicates with the MaidenB0T TwitchBot. This is a Streamer's dream come true for reaching and keeping more viewers!

Star Bitizen is played by issuing special commands in chat while you watch your favorite streamer. As you move about the Star Bitizen Mini-Verse and trade cargo, smuggle, patrol, pirate, or bounty hunt.. you will earn StarBits. These StarBits can be used to buy new ships and expand your fleet. Some streamers may also enable a feature to exchange StarBits for channel points to be used for many other purposes. Starbits earned on a particular Twitch channel are only for that channel. Fleets are amassed only per Twitch channel as well.

Made By The Community via collaboration of the following:
Creator / Lead IT Architect
StarBitizen is the brain child / passion project of MaidenAriana.
Ship Images
The team at StarJump (makers of Fleetviewer) provided their amazing ship renders.
Trade Data API
An API from Seggellion of ALTAMA ENERGY provides location and pricing info for Star Bitizen's cargo and vice runs.
Original Audio Effects
The bulk of Star Bitizen's audio effects have been graciously provided by Nu Soul.
Server Provider
Our new upgraded server for the Star Bitizen application side is provided by AngryPCTech.
Streams Running v1.0
Commands Deployed
Original Audio Sounds
Ships Implemented